Thursday, March 23, 2006

Anthony's 2 year post-treatment CT scans and X-rays were clean! We went last Friday to have them done at Jersey Shore Medical Center and then went over to Robert Wood Johnson Cancer Institute for his checkup. Everything went smoothly. Anthony had no problems getting his peripheral line put into his arm and followed all their instructions during the scan including holding his breath. We drove up Rt. 18 from Jersey Shore to RWJUH much earlier than expected, since the scans at Jersey Shore seem to take much, much less time than at RWJUH. We spent about an hour at the clinic and more than half that time Anthony played the Nintendo 64 (as usual).

More exciting news: Dr. Pan said we are now going to move Anthony into the LITE clinic, which stands for Long-term, Information, Treatment effects, and Evaluation. He is being moved to this group because he is 2 years post-treatment (3 years post-diagnosis) and is considered to be cured now!

Our next official milestone will be the 3 year anniversary of diagnosis on April 26 (two days before Sarah's birthday). That is when Dr. LaQuaglia said Anthony would be considered cured, even though he was extremely confident last April that Anthony was already cured. Speaking of Dr. LaQuaglia, we go to see him toward the end of April. This time we will have one extra child to bring to NYC. The kids are excited about Catherine's first trip to the city. We should get more astonished reactions from the Sloan-Kettering staff. "Wow, FOUR kids!" People tend to react as if it were an amazing thing, never done before. It should be fun.